The Evolution of a Diaper Bag

When I had my first, I was over-prepared for every situation.  I am not exaggerating when I say that our first trip up north included packing my jeep to the ceiling with every little baby thing that her heart might desire.  Was I really SO nervous that I wouldn’t hear her crying in a LOG CABIN that I had to pack her video monitor?  Was a 4 week old baby going to miss her bouncy seat so much that she couldn’t be without it for 48 hours?  Would her grandparents be able to hold her without a boppy?  Those are chances that I was not willing to take.  My diaper bag was jam-packed.  It had the obvious necessities like enough diapers to last a week, wipes, butt cream, pacifiers, etc.  But it also contained a first aid kit, manicure kit, toys, snacks (in color-coordinated containers), burp rags, bibs, sunscreen, tylenol, gripe water, bug spray, stickers, a mini etch-a-sketch, and an assortment of other things I couldn’t imagine living without.  It was always packed and ready to go, and it matched my stroller, purse, and sometimes even the baby.  I had the mom thing down.

When Matthew came along, I lightened the load a little, mostly because my diaper bag evolved into a toddler backpack that Ryann liked to carry.  It had just a few diapers and wipes, a change of clothes for the baby, a few snacks maybe, and whatever random junk she wanted to shove in there to entertain herself or her brother with.  On more than one occasion I opened the bag to find that there were no actual baby items inside, not including the things that were important to my then 2 year-old (who probably could pack a better diaper bag than me today at age 6).  Eventually the backpack became her backpack and I started carrying baby supplies in my purse, or purse supplies in my diaper bag, depending on how you look at it.  My years of motherhood had made me wiser. I found that the secret to parenting success was often the ability to produce a sucker when the kids were losing their patience.

Now Zane is lucky if I ever even have a bag with stuff for him when we are out and about.  When he was a newborn, I would try to remember to shove a diaper and a burp rag in my back pocket as we headed out the door.  Now, he’s 2.  When I realize that we will be gone for long and I don’t have a diaper bag with me, I have been known to ask him to “please not poop” while we are gone.   I have a sad little diaper that probably hasn’t fit him in 6 months shoved underneath my driver seat for “an emergency.”    I have wiped his nose on a receipt from my purse.  I have bitten off his nails in a pinch.  If he is desperate for a snack I reach into the depths of my purse with hopes of encountering at least a dusty mint or pacifier to appease him. I haven’t given up on parenting or being prepared, or even my pride (though it may not appear so).  I just have learned that there are more important things to worry about.  I have found that you can find snacks and diapers almost anywhere, most times a kiss works better than a band-aid, and that last-minute outings with the kids are fun whether we have our bag there or not.  And if push comes to shove,  I can usually throw myself on the mercy of a new mom.  Chances are she will have what I need in her diaper bag.



2 thoughts on “The Evolution of a Diaper Bag

  1. Damn you, i was typing a similar blog yesterday! Truth is, I was never as prepared as you! My husband was and is the bag stuffer, with like 6 diapers per kid for a run to the store

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