To my Zane, as you turn 2

To my third on your second birthday-

You have been a cuddler since day one.

You rub my back until you fall asleep, and then again in the middle of the night if you wake up.

You also love playing with our knuckles when you are tired. It’s your “tell.”

You are the light of Ryann and Matthew’s lives, the one thing they regularly agree on. You can effortlessly go from wrestling with Matthew to being Ryann’s baby. You have grown up too quickly for me by watching them. You want and try to do everything they do, often with great success.

You are the stereotypical baby of the family.  You are the center of attention and the manipulator of everyone.  Your personality is a perfect blend of your older siblings, and many of your behaviors are learned by mimicking what they do, both good and bad.

You call granola bars “pa tarts.”

You call crackers and cookies “cacos.”

Your favorite trick of ours right now is “calling your doggy,” where you put your hand up to your mouth as if to whistle and then make a whistling noise.

You’ve grown far too big to carry everywhere, you are becoming more toddler than baby, but you easily fall nestled into my arms and with your head on my shoulder as if you were still a newborn whenever I pick you up.  Two years have flown by like a bad cliche’, but we cherish every moment with you both big and small.



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