Love Me, Love My Van

Like many moms, I always thought, “it could never happen to me.”

I am youngish, hip, fun.  Besides, my mom drives a mini van, and I am oodles cooler than her.

Baby one fit just fine in the back of my SUV, and when baby two came along they had plenty of legroom in the back of my truck.  Enter baby three, and that sexy Dodge Ram seemed silly.  What kind of fool would I look like shot-putting the baby car seat into the back and then crawling through the front to strap in the middle little?  It was time to shop for something more (gulp) practical.

I thought (and still think) a full-size SUV would be perfect.  However, with a two- and four-year-old that still needed assistance getting buckled, the thought of having to crawl in and out of a backseat to help them, (coupled with the fact that 99% of the time I am sweaty and stressed before we get in the car) made an SUV less than appealing.

Next, I considered budget.  I am pretty cheap thrifty when it comes to most things, which is why on any given day you see me dressed in head-to-toe Target.  Even a bare-bones SUV was still a couple hundred more a month than a mini-van lease, and min-van manufacturers know how to turn the heads of the most dedicated “cool” moms.  How could you turn down this deal when leather and a DVD player come standard?  What kind of mother would I be if I denied my children their fundamental right to in-car entertainment?  Did I mention that it comes with headphones, so my kids can watch Frozen 1000 times and I can listen to the radio?  And the cupholders.  MY GOD THE CUPHOLDERS.  There has to be space for 12 drinks in that thing.  And a backup camera, which I can’t imagine living without.  And the doors open at the push of a button.

So that’s it.  For now, and the immediate future, I’m a mini-van mama.  Go ahead and judge, I have enough friends; six of whom I can seat comfortably with luggage and up to two drinks per person.

Do you love your van?

Mom party.
Mom party.